this blog is (probably quite obviously) a work-in-progress.  at some point–hopefully this weekend, if i get the time–i will be reposting some short stories and bits and pieces that i have written over the past year.  to this end, i’ve been looking through things – poking about in my archives.  and some of the things i have seen horrified me.

eugh – terrible writing! >_<

it will, however, all be going up – warts and all, my dear.  of nothing else, it will serve to remind me that i have a long, looooong way to go (and will likely never reach the end), whilst convincing others that no, they are not the worst writer in the world.

on the bus, on the way to work this morning, i was pondering one or two things, and came to the conclusion that one of my problems/bad habits is that i do far too much telling, and not enough showing.  especially in longer works.  Cirque Du Seul, for instance, is lousy with it.  now, to be fair, one of my MCs is a keep-himself-to-himself type.  lots of internal monologue going on there, which i think is fair enough.  but a lot of the other characters seemed to do that, too.  i don’t know if it’s a side-effect of the hell-for-leather approach that NaNoWriMo engenders, but it’s not ideal.  and whilst i was going over it, tidying it up a bit, i realised just how much telling i had actually done.  the thought of the work involved in changing that to showing made me feel tired, and the organisation and concentration it would require?  i wouldn’t know where the fuck to start! *headdesk*


i admit that, initially, i scoffed at the seeming universal obsession with “show-not-tell”.  arrogant, i know. *shame*  but this post, written byTawna Fenske on her ridiculously funny and useful blog, convinced me otherwise.  it’s an obsession, because it’s good writing.  *smacks self upside the head*  like i said – i’ve got a looooong way to go.

and so i have turned to other stuff whilst i consider whether or not the story is worth it.  i’ve decided that i need to practice some more, on shorter things.  but what to write?

i have a problem.  i am not a natural writer.  by head is not brimming with stories begging to be told, nor characters screaming at me to be written.  story starts, prompts, ideas, whatever you call them, are kinda hard to come by, if you’re me.  this, i think, is in part due to my sheep DNA.  i am like so many thousands – millions – of people out there who read something and think, “Now why didn’t i think of that…?  it’s so obvious!” (whatever juxtaposition of plot/character may be).

i am not original.  originality is not something that happens to me.  and yes, yes, i know; there are no original stories, only original ways of telling them.  but that doesn’t happen to me, either. *sigh*

oh, well… a heartfelt request:  if any kind soul out there has a story start that they would care to share, even if it’s only a word or two, i would gladly, gratefully receive it.  i thought about joining in with Ruby Kiddell’s #WankWednesday Carnival Of Smut, but the quality of contributors convinced me otherwise.  i may join in, on the quiet, but only as an experiment.  not as a participant.  smut is something i aspire to writing.  written well, it is sensual and beautiful, and takes my breath away.  but so far, my efforts have been sadly gauche.  i would be ashamed to join in.  so if i do decide to join in, i will not be tweeting it.  nor linking to the linky thing on Ruby’s delicious site.  it will just be between you and me.