a little something that popped into my head recently, more-or-less fully formed.

during the course of a workday, i may need to be on the phone a lot.  this can often lead to a dry mouth (i sometimes have to do a lot of explaining of fairly complex issues), so sucky sweets are always useful.  not practical for telephone conversations, though, since they rattle around and get in the way of the words.  i find a lollipop is a useful alternative, since you don’t get sticky fingers if you have to take it out at short notice.

and don’t think i can’t hear you sniggering at the back, there…


It’s a scientific fact that genetics determine whether or not one can roll one’s tongue into a tube.

This is the thought that crosses my mind as I suck on a lollipop.  The smile the thought produces is slow, catlike, as my tongue grips the shaft of the confection, wrapping around the crystalline sphere at its head.  Thick, sticky sweetness rasps and tickles between my tongue and palette, as I twist the lolly in slow rotations, trickling sticky syrup down my throat.

With a faint pop and slurp, I remove the lolly and press the very tip of my tongue to its curve, feeling the burn of sugar and acid flavours.

I wonder who might be watching me, and the corners of my mouth curl a little more.