for anyone who’s forgotten, here’s an explanation of the WWC from Aisling Weaver:

Every week I roll the dice.  And will be posted Friday at midnight(EST).  I invite all writers, no matter your genre or your style, to try your hand at this challenge.  Short, long, prose, poetry, I welcome all!

Your challenge…to write a piece that encompasses the nine elements shown on the dice.  Once completed, add your link below and crow your success on twitter under the hashtag #WeekendWriter!  If you don’t have a blog to post to, please post it in the comments!

So…without further due…here’s the challenge!


bugger me, it was a tough one, this week!  maybe my poor muse was exhausted from the unaccustomed effort? she’s almost as lazy as i, after all, and she’s been more active than usual this week….  anyhow – she wasn’t too keen on this combination of images, for whatever perverse reason of her own, so i could only get a vignette out of them.  not a very good one, at that.  but here it is:


Everyone knows the monsters can’t get you under the bedclothes.  That’s why she’s examining this book by torchlight in a tent of blankets, like some ten-year-old.  And she’s scared.

Whenever the salmon of doubt flashes a fin, she thinks back to that scene she witnessed.  Eyes wide with horror, she’d watched her best friend screaming silently as her throat was ripped out by a nightmare beast from some cursed netherworld.

She has no idea what she’s doing, nor which direction she should be going.  She only knows  she has to stop these creatures, before more are unwittingly released to wreak havoc.

This is why she’s huddled under the bedclothes reading, by torchlight, a book that proports to tell how one may avoid dreaming.

Dreams are where the beasts await her.