we’re off on our travels tomorrow. packing up Talulah and heading for the general vicinity of Cardiff.  in the countryside outside of the city, we will park up and wander around the nicest, quietest places that we can find for a day or so.  Wednesday will be a day in the city itself, and  then Wednesday night, we go to see Elbow at the Cardiff International Arena. (now “The Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff”, but that’s just wank)

I. Am. Sooooo. Looking. Forward. To. It!!!

in fact, now i’ve shaken off the worst lethargy and mental sourness caused by work (and had a good sleep or two), dammit, i’m looking forward to the whole week.  i get to visit a liminal zone (yes, thank you, Peter – did i spell it right, this time…? 😛  ), which is where i generally feel happiest – the boundary between land and sea being one of my favourite places to be.  i may explore my feelings about this (i.e. bore the crap out of you) another time , but suffice it to say that i need it every now and again, to recharge my soul. added to this, i get to see one of my favourite bands in concert, and the tickets are for standing, so i will be able to move to the music. *happyface*.  following that, i get to do something i have been wanting to do for almost a year.

i’m going to go visit @miss_rosie!!!  *happydance*

*shouts* HEY, ROSIE! – soooo looking forward to finally meeting you, hon! 😀

expect at least five days’ silence – possibly six.

and then….  expect pictures.

try not to miss me too much, my darlings!