good evening, dear reader!   i haz been away, so i haz.

what do you mean you know, you were enjoying the silence?


well, anyways, i know i said it would be a week before i blogged again, and it’s been a leeettle longer than that, but i’ve been suffering a little of the post-holiday blues and, honestly, couldn’t even bear to unfold the pooter to do anything serious (…er…did i really just refer to my blogging as serious…? (O.o) since i’ve come back.  well – apart from emailing the lovely Rosie to let her know we were back safely, and ramble for a frankly astonishing length of time…

however, enough of my verbal (electronic?) incontinence…  i believe i promised you pictures…?

we started off, as is often the case, by me leading us to the wrong place.  we were heading for the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes.  we actually ended up somewhere fairly close by, but pretty unpleasant.  it involved a river and a sewage outflow.

definitely the wrong place.

we did, eventually find the dunes and, with a sense of relief we set off to find the sea.  only trouble was, it was getting dark, and there was a fairly thick fog.  and the dunes are, well, not to put too fine a point on it, fecking mahusive!  i’m glad we turned back when we did, since we would have quickly become lost, and there was a very real possibility of us actually wandering around in them all night!

we admitted defeat and headed (naturally) for the nearest pub.  which was incredibly friendly, and let us park up overnight in their carpark.  food, alcohol, and a firm, level parking spot?  result! 😀

and so here is where the dawn found us.

and the view from the other side…

as you can see, the fog was still with us

(yes, yes, i know it looks like a mist, but technically, it’s still a fog) (so there! :P)

however, the sun was bright and warm, so we set off into the dunes:


apologies for all the pics, but i’m trying to give you some idea of the scale of these things.  it must have taken us about half an hour to walk to the sea. hubby did it all barefoot, but had cause to regret that on a couple of occasions, since there’s an extremely nasty little thorny shrub type thing grows in these dunes, and he got to know it painfully well at times…

…and when we did find the sea…

….we was quite relieved, innit?

despite the fact that there was yet…

MOAR fog!!!

this did not, however, dissuade us from going for a paddle…

and leaving my poor boots to fend for themselves.  they nearly got weed on by a large and overly enthusiastic dog. 😮

but there was beach art to look at! 😀

and i tried to take arty pictures of it…

hubby wasn’t convinced.

honestly?  me neither.

eventually, it was time to head back over the dunes and to a cuppa in Talulah.

on the way, we found this beautiful little hollow:

it was formed by an upthrust of limestone underneath the dunes -the limestone holds water whilst the sand doesn’t.  there were several of these pools dotted about, and they looked very pretty from the high ridge of the dunes, in the westering sun.  sadly, i couldn’t get a pic of this to do the effect justice.

nor could i get a pic of this dune that would do it justice.  but i think you might bkinda able to see why they filmed bits of Lawrence Of Arabia here, huh?

well, we had a little time before we could decently head for the pub and dinner (again – gooood food! ^_^), so we wandered off to another beach, that was a little easier to get to (being more-or-less right next to the road), and took a couple more arty-farty shots.  though i am actually very fond of these two…

especially this one.  *le sigh*


that will have to be it for now- i’ve spent so long wrestling with the picture uploader on this thing that i’m about to turn into a pumpkin.  so i bid you goodnight, dear reader, and brace yourself for (hopefully in the next couple of days) Cardiff, Elbow, mud, and Rosie.