good morning, dear reader.  the final roundup of pictures (a week late) from last week will be with you shortly (because, y’know – i know you’re just dying to see them! 😛 )  but in the meantime, i want to big up mah sisterscribe @catinabaglady.

or Princess Cat, as she’s also known.  she writes delicious smut (Spare is a particular favourite), but that’s not all…

last october, as i was gearing up for NaNoWriMo, i was, as usual, tweeting about it, and she asked me what it was all about.  incapable of explaining in 140 characters, i told her it was completely awesome and was about writing a novel in a month. and then sent her here.  and gently encouraged her to join in (“Oh, you *have* to do this!!!  it’s brilliant!!!”  y’know…that sort of thing… 😉  to my surprise and delight, she signed up.  and to my utter joy, she crossed the finish line as a winner!!!  i was so proud of her, and proud that i had a tiny part in her success.  things like that don’t happen often, and it gives me the warm fuzzies.  ^_^

anyway, last night and this morning, i have been utterly devouring the product of her labours, and loving every minute.  it’s called Once In A Lifetime, and it’s up to read in its entirety over on her WordPress blog.  the first chapter is here.

now go read!