when last you saw me, i was blissed out from seeing Elbow at the CIA…

that night, we had a horrible drive to try and find somewhere to park up for the night.  it was gone 11 when we left Cardiff, and we had to get out of the city and back into the countryside, and find somewhere quiet.  this is not easy, and there is an art to it.  unfortunately, when you’re driving along unmarked country roads in the pitch black, with six-foot drainage ditches on either side, and you’ve had a long day and evening and you’re utterly bloody exhausted, well…  let’s just say it was. not. fun.  do. not. like.  but we found somewhere, eventually, and camped up.  this time on reclaimed marshland east of Newport.  it was funny getting up in the bright morning sun to look around at the landscape for the first time, and suddenly feel like i was over 300 miles away, on the other side of the country.  really, i always think of Wales as a hilly and mountainous place, but this?  this was just like Norfolk.  flat as a pancake, reclaimed marshland.  i wonder if samphire grows around here, too…?

anyway, breakfast had, we were up and off again.  this time, headed for Brean, and thence to Somerset.

we’d been to Brean before (pics and description at the bottom of the linked post), and loved it so much, we wanted to go back.

we weren’t disappointed.  if anything, it was even better than before since, it being March, the place was virtually deserted.  the beach was so quiet (the tide goes out for fecking miles!) that we could hear people talking in a normal voice from about 30 yards away…  and the sun continued to shine, and we saw some beautiful sights.

Brean Down at sunset, with beautifully delicate cirrus clouds

this was the view we woke up to the next morning.  it’s not quite Glastonbury Tor, but i can see how it migh gain a reputation as the Isle of Avalon, if this is anything to go by…

breakfast on the beach

om. nom.nom. ^_^

see?  told you the tide goes out for miles…

the following day, i finally got to meet the delightful Rosie.  sadly, i forgot to take any pics of us together, as i’d planned. but, as expected, we were too busy talking.  she fed us buckets of tea, and carrot cake, and olives, and ricotta stuffed bell peppers (which i didn’t realise were sooooo hot! yikes! XD), and we talked about life, the universe, and everything (er, “everything” being mainly books and writing, actually… XD).  and it made Squeaky one very happy girl.

thanks, Rosie. 🙂