well…  not pottery as in fired clay.  pottery as in pottering about.

this will, i’m sure, be a boring post.  but take heart, dear reader, at least it will be short.  i just wanted to record what a lovely day and, in fact, weekend i’ve had.  lovely and relaxed, and quietly productive (especially for someone who hates housework and does not do gardening).

this weekend, i have:

  • caught up on the washing
  • hung said washing on the line for the first time this year, and it dried!
  • changed the bedlinen (i don’t do this as often as i should *shame*)
  • hoovered through
  • willingly done the dishes
  • tidied up (a little bit)
  • written two short stories and added well over a thousand words to the WIP
  • tidied up the garden (i.e. removed a bloody binbag-full of nettles, swept the lawn and mowed the weeds)
  • read more than i have in a while.
  • got slightly sunburned and very obviously tanlined.
  • gave myself a (amateurish but still pretty) French manicure and hot pink toenails.
  • had a lovely long, long shower, and delicious noms

today, especially, was a good day.

*happy smile*