good morning, dear friends.  this is just a quick post since my Monday morning is so far made of fail, and i think i may have worried one or two peeps on Twitter with my *cough* inarticulate outburst.  er…

when i went to start my bike up this morning, the supposedly new battery was just about flat after a week of standing (as i’d forgotten to tax it at the beginning of the month and could therefore not ride it on the road).  i had to drag hubby out of bed to give me a bump start, but the battery was so flat that it wouldn’t even turn over with both of us pushing it down the road as fast as we could.  bearing in mind it weighs about 700 kilos, it’s no easy task, and i’m sure you can imagine how hot and sweaty we got.

so it was a hot, sweaty, and very pissed off Squeaky who stood at the bus stop this morning, needing just a tiny wee vent for her frustrations.  and so i tweeted an extremely annoyed and sweary tweet.

it was then that i discovered that, despite being on charge all night, my phone battery was also all but dead.  so i was unable to reassure/apologise all of you who very kindly tweeted to ask me what was wrong and/or offer sympathy/take the piss.

sorry about that, my dears.  i’m now somewhat embarrassed.

hope you have a better Monday than me.