this is getting to be a bit of a habit…  er…  or maybe it isn’t.  it feels like it is.


this week, i have been devoid of (or possibly merely avoiding of) inspiration.  or…  no – that’s not strictly true.  i could probably have managed some fiction, possibly even some of the smutty variety, but i have been…  welll….

look, i’m sorry, but i’ve just not been arsed enough, this week.  and i’ve been distracted, too.  firstly by my ongoing trawl through the archives of the blog of a lovely lady who i may one day devote a post to.  or at least dedicate it to, as there are things swirling around in my head that i want to blog about but am not quite ready to do so.  doubtless when i do, you will yawn in my face and tell me to get over myself, but i care not.  if i bore you, i won’t be offended if you turn away.

and yes – i am aware of how vague that last paragraph was.

i have also been reading Blue Eyed Boy by Joanne Harris – lent to me by the lovely Rosie.  it was an excellent read, as expected, and confirmed JH, yet again, as one of my very favourite authors.  i’ve read most of her books, and i have yet to find one that wasn’t incredibly readable, compelling, and just a beautiful piece of work.

however, this week’s major distraction has been my wonderful, wondrous, awesome (in the truest sense of that ridiculously overused word) new toy.  i am in love with this thing.  it’s sleek and sexy and feels good, and vibrates so hard….


it’s a phone, all right?

but what a phone!  look, i know iPhones have been around for ages – myriad touch and semi touchscreen devices are available, i know.  but the thing is…  i’ve never had one.  i’ve never even touched one before, except for very very briefly when the iPhone was first launched – my friend had one from his work to play with, and i was awestruck then.

now, dear reader, i am the very proud owner of an HTC Desire.  weirdly, since i decided i wanted one, i have dreamed about it, quite clearly and specifically, on no less than 3 seperate occasions.  which is both incredibly sad, and extremeley surprising.  for me to dream of something that specific is practically unheard of.  my dreams are very, very rareley specific in that way, if ever.  and look, i know i’m rambling, but i’m in love, all right?  i haven’t stopped playing with it since Thursday.

finished sniggering now?  good.

the keypad is bloody awkward, though, and the battery is outrageously under-powered, but we forgive those little idiosyncracies of those we love, do we not…?


in other news, i had a very lovely afternoon on Friday with my best friend, who i have not seen properly in a while as she is studying for a degree in nursing (to add to her collection of degree in environmental engineering, PhD in Bioremediation – i think – and i have forgotten what else – apart from the Diploma In Cheese…).  it was so lovely to see her again – well and happy and involved in her studies and enjoying them.

this has been a very brief, disjointed, patchy and badly-written round up, i know.  and i apologise.  but it’s nearly bedtime, and i wanted to get it all down before i forgot.

sleep well.


P.S. if anyone out there can tell me why in the name of all that’s short and vicious i have started spelling the word lovely with an extra “e”, i will be extremely grateful.