good afternoon, dear reader.

here we are – Good Friday, when the metaphor for the rebirth of the new moon is appropriated for worldwide celebrations of torture and murder…



i know, i know – prejudiced and wildly off the mark.  but there is no doubt that most calendar events have been renamed many times, and the symbolism changed to suit the next era’s storytelling.  but hey – that’s their business.  i am quite prepared to live and let live if everyone else does the same.

er…  sorry, i don’t know where that came from, but i apologise.  i won’t, however, censor myself and start again.  i do that far too much.  but the above is not close enough to my core to be worried about sharing with the…er…five? people who may or may not still be reading here.  this post is actually supposed to be a warm-up.  we have a four-day weekend, and i have been far, far too lazy the last couple of weeks.  i have not written a single fictional word, and it is not. good. enough.  not by half.  i am lazy – i will freely admit it.  and i haven’t felt particularly inspired, either.  and i have been busy with my new toy, and i have been reading Nilla’s archives, and work has been (and still is) stressful  and… and…

fucking excuses, excuses.  i need to write, dammit.  i have demons that need exorcising, heavily veiled with metaphor or not.  i have issues i need to work out, and i’ve begun to wonder if i can do it here.  if i can, perhaps, at least quiet the howling of that fucking, damn-it-to-all-the-hells-there-ever-were fucking, fucking mutt.


we’ll see.  and i am quite, quite prepared for all  (all! *falls over laughing*) yes, ALL of my subscribers (though i love you all for coming here and ever reading a word or two, and commenting – i loooove comments…) to finally realise what a whiny bitch i really am and decide to spend their hard-earned reading time elsewhere.  i don’t blame you, my lovelys.  i’d probably do the same.  even I’m sick of listenning to my mardarse (and, yes – that is a real word! 😉  ) ramblings.

so i thought, if i get them all down here – maybe i could get rid of the nagging little fuckers for a bit.

despite the above, it is a lovely day here in Squeakyville.  the sun is shining, the birds (and the stereo) are singing beautifully, the chickens are content, the cat is, inevitably, asleep on our bed, hubby is undersealing Talulah, and it is the start of a four-day weekend.  i had an extremely surprising-end-of-year review at work, which just about gave me Best In Show, as hubby put it (and the man himself just walked past and dropped a kiss on my bare shoulder – i love it when he does that! ^_^), which kind of let the pressure off there a bit, so some of the psychological detritus from that has cleared away and allowed me a little headspace to let the muse in.  today, i shall write.  not sure what, yet, but i have a weekend writer challenge from last week that needs addressing – i don’t want to miss one of those, if i can help it – and also, i have found my story action dice, so i may possibly give Charley a poke.

but first, my tea is just the right temperature, and Dame Nicotine calls.

Be well, my dears, be well.