see, i’m not sure if this should be in the #wankwednesday canon or not (show of hands, anyone?)  but it was hella vivid when it woke me at 4:30 this morning, and has quite honestly kept me smiling all damn day.

added edit: i asked a few folks, and they (@eroticnotebook, @AislingWeaver and @DangerousSweets; or Ruby, Ais and Wyeth…) all gave it a big “yes” so now it’s all linked up.  thanks, ladies! 😀 XXX


My breath caught in my chest, almost painfully, as I saw him.  I didn’t know where he’d come from, or how he’d got in here without me noticing, but there he was.  I was mesmerised by that tousled salt-and-pepper hair, and those deep brown eyes I’d spent so long wishing I could gaze into.  Slowly, he approached.  My body was thrumming with nervous excitement.

When he reached a social distance, yet didn’t stop moving towards me, the thrumming increased tenfold.  Those eyes caught me as he sank to one knee before where I sat, raised his hands to cup my face, and whispered, “Don’t tell.”

Unable and unwilling to resist, I leaned forward as he drew me gently towards him, brushing his lips against mine.  So soft, and so insistent, I felt the tip of his tongue dart out, seeking mine.  I gave him what he sought.

Eyelids sliding closed, I fell slowly into a vortex of dizzying colours and sensations as he deepened the kiss. Carefully, insistently, and tenderly, he drew me into himself.

Far too soon, I felt him, with reluctance, begin to draw away from me.  I caught his succulent and delicious lower lip between my teeth, slowly and delightfully grazing the plump, silky texture as we broke apart.  His small smile fed me as much as the kiss had.

As he left the room, I found in my hand a book of poems and short writings.  I stared at it as hard as I could, trying to embed it in my mind as a shield against the inevitable waking, and the imperfect memory I knew that would bring.