This morning, I woke up to the sound of rain for the first time in well over a month.  The chickens were looking damp and somewhat disgruntled, but I could almost hear the garden sigh with relief.  Maybe the almost-inch-wide cracks in the earth will swell and close up a little, now.
This weekend, I plan on doing writing, housework, and making a bar of body butter as a thank you to a colleague who did me a small favour last week.  Oh, and I have to go shopping, too. Food shopping.  Bloody yippee. :o/ My life is so glamorous. 
Fair warning: I have a couple of blog posts floating around in my head, so I intend to crowbar them out today or tomorrow.  One of them, at least, is likely to contain navelgazing of the highest degree. For this, I apologise in advance.
And now, I must away and make brunch. Sadly, I have no bacon, or muffins, and I don’t know how to make hollandaise sauce, so Eggs Benedict will not be on the menu.

Toast and Marmite it is, then…