with humble apologies for the doggerel, this week’s #WeekendWriter offering (yes – i know i missed one – excuses explanations later)

Chasing away the darkness

(for Wayne)

All these things you mean to me

Touching, helping, setting free

Binding, keeping, closing up

Abundance in a loving cup

The source of all my hopes, and yet

I still must swim but not get wet

The freefall churned my stomach so

Thank god you didn’t let me go

The jerk of silk was hard – it burned

The friction as my head was turned

We had to learn to know once more

Who we are, what is it for

To reach across the vast divide

To pull me close back to your side

Where I belong – I know it now

I knew it then but had to plough

A deeper furrow through the crust

Working, sweating, rebuilding trust

Still not done.  No – never that

Certain sure is bloated, fat

Relaxing vigil no more a choice

While still I hunt my soul’s true voice

The heedless, reckless, seemed so calm

Churning, boiling, bringing harm

Stupid! Foolish! Wiser, hence

Though ivy still twines through the fence

The dog still prowls, now weak, now strong

Feet will blister, the road is long

I hope one day I’ll be worthy, love