Hello, dear reader.
We interrupt Talulah’s ongoing adventures to bring you a brief update from the land of the present.
I am currently engaged in writing a short story that appears to be folktale-shaped. This both pleases and, frankly, worries me. Pleases because I am writing again. Worries because I have (as usual) got the feeling it could all turn to ordure in the morning. But then, there are (so far) no fairies involved, so I’m optimistic of it escaping that fate. I’m also writing it the old fashioned way, since I missed the feel of pen and paper (it’s been far too long. But editing is soooo much easier on the computer! 😦 )
Other things currently on my worry-list are:

1. Hubby’s three-day headache (which seems to be subsiding since we figured out how to find Top-Dead-Centre on Talulah’s flywheel last night, and he might actually be able to sort out the valves on his own – he’s suddenly developed into a hobbyist mechanic, and feeling quite proud of himself. He thought he’d killed poor T stone dead, but no longer thinks that, so I’m hoping his headache may now subside peacefully). Yay hubby! 😀 )
2. Max Teh Literary Kitteh is going to the vets tonight, to have an overnight drip, and then a general anaesthetic tomorrow, and then he will have some teeth pulled out and his remaining ones cleaned. I know he will be fine, but still I worry about my beautiful boy. This is somewhat new to me, and it woke me several times in the night. I have had cats before, but have never been solely responsible for them. And I’ve never loved a pet this much but once. He’s not a pet, he’s a friend who brings us a lot of joy. And I’m worried. Apologies for being mushy, by the way.
3. Logically, there is NO WAY ON EARTH that I can be pregnant. And no, I’m not telling you how I can be so certain. However, my period is five days late and I am a little concerned. Do not want.

Here endeth the update from the present.

(added edit: there are already signs that #3 may no longer apply. This is A Very Good Thing! *massive relief* 🙂 )