hello, dear reader.  normal service will be resumed shortly but, just so you know:

  1. hubby’s headache turned out to have been caused by cheap painkillers that he was taking for a toothache.  he’s more-or-less ok, now.
  2. teh literary kitteh is doing extremely well.  he now has no less than seven teeth left in his head, and is happily gumming his food to death.  and his breath can no longer be smelled at all.  even when he’s just eaten.  so everyone’s happy. 🙂
  3. not pregnant.  thank the gods! 😀

it’s 13:30, and the rest of the day is scheduled to include writing, writing, and more writing.  in order of priority:

  1. the continuing adventures of Talulah
  2. #weekend writer (yep – aisling’s back in commission!  hooray!!! 😀 )
  3. Charley (WIP) is begging me for attention.  i’m coming, honey – hold on…