yes, dear reader, Aisling is back with her weekly challenge, and very glad we all are to see her! 😀  check the link to see what the #WeekendWriter challenge is all about, and have a go yourself!  don’t forget to do the Linky-Linky Doodah…

this week, we had to pick just four elements from those we were given, so here’s my effort which, though short, is a Droubble (“double drabble“):


Beatrice had always dreamed of seeing her name in lights, or decorated with stars.

She thought it would look so very pretty: “Tonight!  For one night only! Beatrice Favolier!”.  She’d float across the stage, whisps of tulle and Chantilly lace describing delicate arcs in her wake, scribbling mysterious hieroglyphs through the heavy hush of the crowded auditorium.  She would command hearts and minds as she cast her enchantments, the gold thread in her silken slippers flashing glints and gleams from the limelight.

In her mind, she had danced every great role there was, and some that had yet to exist.  As she sat and stared from the window, the lively foliage would transform itself to a cast of hundreds, all doing her bidding as they moved as one, or wove intricate patterns in the air around her brightly burning flame.  She would move amongst them, every graceful twitch of her finger seared into the mind of the audience – a performance none would ever forget.

And then a truck would rumble by, breaking her reverie, letting in the sounds of men laying paving slabs outside her house.  she would sigh wistfully, and wheel her imprisoning chair away from the window.