Today is Dress Down Day at work. This is not a regular thing, but occasionally, the Powers That Be allow us to wear something a little more comfy than our usual work attire, in Exchange for a £1 donation to this quarters charity.
This morning, I remembered at the last minute, so blearily grabbed the nearest comfy clothes I could and toddled off to work. It was only when I got here I realised  that what I had grabbed were, in fact, an olive green pair of cargo pants and a linenish jacket in the same colour. I looked, as one colleague remarked, as if I was going paintballing.
Now feeling like bit of a prat, as soon as lunch rolled around, I nipped straight to the Cats Protection League charity shop around the corner.
I am now resplendent in a flowery hippyish dress, and a pair of three quarter turnup jeans. And thanks to their two-for-one sale, all for the princely sum of £3.50.
There is no point to this post, other than to record the fact that I kinda love it when stuff like this happens, and that I’m looking forward to the look on hobby’s face when I get home. 🙂