just before i turned 30, i decided that i should lose some weight.  one or two gently pointed comments from hubby, combined with my first and only ever pair of size eighteen trousers, convinced me that it was time.  i’ve always been clumsy, and a bit of a gallumpher, and generally sedentary in my habits, and realized this would only get worse the fatter i got.  so i joined Weight Watchers.  and damn me if i didn’t lose two stone in 6 months.

yay me, right?  i was so proud.

anyway, the weight stayed off for a couple of years, but last year, it started creeping back on again.

“It’s fine,” i thought, “I did it before, i can do it again.  nooooo problem!”

except, i didn’t.  and earlier this afternoon, i donned my comfy jeans and… they were worryingly snug.  i have put more than a stone back on, simply by being careless.

This.  Stops.  Now.

right now.  no more excuses.  dear reader, it’s time.  time to say goodbye to the 3 C’s: Chips. Chocolate. Cheese.

tonight, the last chocolate ice cream in the house will be ceremonially eaten, and then it starts.  it will be difficult, but i know it will not be as difficult as i think.

i ask you to wish me luck, dear reader.  and more than that, i ask you to wish me strength and determination.