i’m sorry, i’m just not feeling it this week.  this week’s challenge from Aisling Weaver, over at Swirling Currents, was this:

and whilst it put several images into my head, nothing really concrete presented itself.  certainly nothing even vaguely story-shaped.  so i decided to go with what i had and write in my favourite verse form: haiku.  i love these little guys – so relaxing to create.  sometimes they feel like raindrops, or clouds, or petals gently floating on the breeze…


…er…anyway.  here’s my paltry offering for this week…

six haiku

Body refracting ,

Gelatinous wisp carries

Sunset to the deep

Darkness.  Flower blooms

Secret submarine flora

Beauty never seen

Sea creatures gaze

Wonder at light in their dark

Gather, draw nearer

Liquid circle dance

Tentacles twirl and sway

Cosmic spiralling

Sphere drawing tighter

Closing, squeezing, pressing close

Vortex sucking in

In the night-black deeps,

Supernova expanding

Sunset rising up