L’Ile de Re to Etang de Tricherie ~~~ Wednesday 20th July

heading North, now – always North.  quite a long way, as it happens.  we spent a great deal of the day travelling, and it took us a while to find somewhere to park up for the night.  we saw a ruined abbey marked on the map, so thought it might be a nice place to hole up for the evening, maybe explore the ruins….


as we were heading along the road to the abbey, we saw a couple of honest-to-goodness monks walking down the road.  with brown monk-robes and everything!  i’ve never seen real monks, before….  i tried very hard not to stare.  this, really, shoud have given us kind of a warning.  we followed the signs to the abbey, ad found it not as ruined as it might have been.  about half of it had been fixed up. and was being used for its original purpose.

whilst this was kind of heartening, it was also kind of discomfort-making.  here were a couple of clueless Rosbif tourists, just rocking up willy-nilly, in a very loud camper, to the carpark of a clearly not-so-ruined abbey, which had signs everywhere asking for silence.

…um…  can you say gauche?

we scarpered, sharpish, and got big, happy, friendly grins from the two monks, as we passed them on the way back out.

no, of course they weren’t laughing!

eventually, our finely-honed campervanning instincts led us to a lovely spot beside a large pond/small lake.  there was a carpark, a loo (which smelled weirdly and rather strongly of balsamic vinegar.  nope – i have absolutely no idea o_O ), and a small field.  again, for the exclusive use of campervans.  there was a restaurant, too.   sadly, though, it wasn’t open yet.  we got the impression that it was there to serve the holidaymakers that came to the nearby holiday village-cum-campsite thingy that was about 50 yards further along the road.  i think it was going to open soon, though, since there were people doing things on the terrace around it – coming and going, messing about with tarpaulins and such.  there was also a dog there, which barked at us quite loudly, until i told it to be quiet.  in French!  and it shut up!  it’s ridiculous how proud it made me that my French was understood by a French dog… XD

hubby wouldn't let me post the one where he was mooning... *huff* *pout*

it was a lovely quiet place, and we did lovely, quiet things: strolling around the pond, playing scrabble, eating, reading.  there were one or two other campers there too, and some fishermen on the pond, and it was just very, very peaceful.

an uneventful day, but a pleasant one.