…I think I might have overdone it a little, last night.
We went out dancing with some friends and, whilst we had a great time, jiving is somewhat energetic. It was a beautifully, deliciously warm night, but being in a room with 100 other energetically dancing people on a warm night leads to sweating and being extremely thirsty. Whilst I drank a fair bit of water, I was also drinking shorts. And I have had a stinking cold all week. It’s getting much better, but my body has less resources to call on due to fighting the lingering effects of the virus, and the coughing fits that happen whenever I laugh (which is often, when we dance).
Today, I feel weak, shaky and mildly headachey. Like a limp noodle. The weather today is glorious, as it has been all week (which somehow made having a cold worse – it’s supposed to be rainy and miserable when one has a cold, FFS!). And I can’t really take advantage of it – don’t even feel like going for a short walk. Instead, I shall do laundry, and hang it to dry in the sunshine, and I shall scrape the chicken shit off the yard, so I don’t slip on it when I next feel well enough (read: no longer get dizzy spells) to ride the bike. And I might even wash the bike for the first time this year.
Or I may not… Wouldn’t want to overdo things, after all… 😉