hola, dear reader. howyadoin’?

not much to tell you today, but i couldn’t not blog today.  i mean lookit the date.  look! 😀

so perhaps that should be today’s subject?  tiny little things that mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things, yet fill you with a tiny little warm fuzzy glow just for simply being.

so what’s yours?


there was, as it happens, a blog post floating around in my head yesterday morning, but it sort of disappeared, in amongst the housework and grocery shopping and parental visit and general gentle domesticity that happened.  it had to do with trying to get into a good habit of actually opening The Snail (my ridiculously slow laptop) at least once per day and writing something, even if only a blog post about nothing (kinda like today’s).  the idea is to get myself into the habit since, come Nov 1st, i need to do it every day.  without fail.

remember a while ago, i blogged about all of the half-written posts in my head that i needed to clear out? (blogging about blogging?  metablogging…? O_o ) well, here’s the thing:  i’ve blogged more in the last couple of weeks than i have in quite some time.  but the problem appears to be getting worse, not better…  fuckit!  it’s like the longer i go without, the less i need it.  but the more i have it, the more i need it.

changing the subject a little, i managed half an hour on the rowing machine, yesterday, after an almost two-week break caused by the Stinking Cold of Doom.  i won’t even be going near the cross-trainer until the lingering cough i always get following a cold has left for good and all.  dayum, it’s hard enough on that thing, without causing myself to cough my lungs out, too!  whilst i was on there, i was considering the NaNoWriMo plot issue.  there are things i could do with it, i guess, and my mind started wandering towards other avenues that i had not yet considered.  however, if all that i considered whilst i was dutifully rowing away yesterday actually made it into the book, there is no way i would ever show it to my mum.  she tries to be open-minded, bless her, but she’s somewhat…um…old-fashioned.  no swearing, no graphic depictions of…well…anything, really.  also, (for example) the other day, she was huffing at an advert for sanitary towels.  i mean…  sanitary towels?!  WTF, mother?!  i was incredulous (though honestly, i don’t know why – i’ve known the woman for nearly 35 years, after all…), and pointed out that a good third of the population do this on a monthly basis, and why on earth should products relating to it not be advertised?  her response?

“well – it’s just not necessary!”


meh, i know – she’s a product of her generation, when one simply didn’t talk about that sort of thing.  and good girls didn’t, either.  which is a whole other post. i may or may not get around to writing that one day, since there are privacy issues involved.  all i can say is, thank fuck for modern sex education and this book (which, to her eternal credit, mum bought for me when –i think–she realised she wasn’t going to be able to talk me through it properly).  it’s not her fault, of course, and i don’t hold a grudge in any way – i wasn’t scared or in the dark about this stuff, she just couldn’t talk about it.

social conditioning FTW, eh? :/

i bloody love the internet. 🙂