after a request from a Twitterpal, the joyous discovery of Random Word Generator (plus), and with the following tweet, i’m off again…

@skypethis_24601 Your words are: censer / caryatid / quagmire / emcee / clockwork / brazier / auditor / rowdiness / dupe. Choose 3 only. GO!

why don’t you have a go, too…? 😉

I have been a fool, a dupe, and a goddamn idiot for most of my life.  Time after time, I have thrown myself carelessly and adoringly at the feet of the beautiful, the proud, the disdainful and the perfect, allowing them to trample me into mud.  Until she came along. Imperfect, damaged, and selfless in her inexplicable love for me, she drained the quagmire from my soul.  In the wake of her cleansing fires, she left solid ground into which I could lay down roots and anchor myself.  The caryatid of my life, her sightless eyes watched over my heart.