well…  i did it.  again! 😀

it was…  well frankly, it was fucking exhausting.  again.


it was also fun, and creative, and one hell of a ride.  again. 😀

this year, i have a story that…  well – i have a good feeling about it.  not that i’ve actually *read* the damn thing yet, you understand – i’ve been too busy writing it!  and editing (including re-reading) is for December.  which…  oh, my…  that would be tomorrow, then, wouldn’t it…?  i’m sort of half looking forward to re-reading it, half dreading it, since i’m absolutely sure that the good feeling will evapourate when i actually see what a complete dog’s dinner it actually is… XD  however – i need to knock it into some sort of shape before chrimble, since i seem to have been coerced into a NaNoWriMo book swap… >_<

there’s no way i could have done it without my own personal cheerleading squad, in the shape of the dearly beloved Twitterers @miss_rosie (first-time winner!  HURRAH!!! 😀 *hat-throwing*) and @HRHPrincesscat (second-time-in-a-row winner!  HURRAH!!! 😀 *more hat-throwing*).  i tell ya – these ladies were the foundation of my success this year.  i got loads of encouragement from the Twitterati in general, but these two were completely awesome.  from keeping up with each-others’ wordcounts, to doing Saturday and Sunday Swaps of choice nuggets from the week’s writing, to providing inspiration, encouragement and, occasionally, a good talking-to, we made a great team.

thank you, ladies.  you rock my fluffy socks off.