2:30 am, and the pain is back. I feel like crying with frustration.
I hate this.
Anyone who follows me on Twitter will likely be aware that I’ve been in pain these last few days. Mainly because I’ve rarely STFU whinging about it. I can only apologise for that, BTW – despite the fact that I never do any exercise, have a diet that is hardly a dietician’s dream, and I smoke, I’m generally disgustingly healthy.
I never get sick.
I have had, I think, 2 days off sick in probably the last 8 years. So I’m not very good at being ill or incapacitated.
Since Monday, though, I have been having musculo-skeletal pain in my chest (which the doc thinks is caused by inflamed cartilage in my ribs) and it is, frankly, a bitch. Making it painful to yawn, sneeze, cough, laugh, or even just take a deep breath, it’s Pissing. Me. Right. Off.
And probably also pissing off anyone out there who’s been subjected to my whining about it. So again, I’m sorry. And thank you all so much for caring enough to ask.
Apparently, there is naught to do but take over-the-counter painkillers for 3-4 days, and wait for it to settle down. So I’m just going to sit here quietly, now, and hope the painkillers kick in soon so that I can, perhaps, get a little sleep…