Well, it appears the costochondritis (that rib thing from the beginning of December) may have come back. It certainly hurts like a bitch, and woke me at around 4am.
So now I’m sitting on the sofa thanking the gods that this time, at least, I have painkillers in the house. It took them nearly an hour to kick in, but they do, at least, seem to be working.
I don’t want to take yet another day off work, but I feel I may have no choice. Today, at least. I will go to the doctor’s again, just to have it documented, and see if there’s anything else I can do other than take painkillers and wait for it to wear off. Not that I hold out too much hope, if I’m honest. Also, I want to find out if I’m now stuck with it; that is, if it will now keep recurring forever. God, I hope not. It feels ridiculous, and I feel like a fraud. Dammit, I’m healthy!
Oh, sure, I get manflu, which I’m terribly mardy about, likewise monthly cramps and emotional instability.
I don’t want this to start causing me to take regular sick days. I’m healthy, dammit! šŸ˜¦
I’m tired.

And my alarm just went off.

I want to cry with frustration and tiredness.

At least I have company, even if it’s only because the wants me to feed him. *smiles fondly*