*whispers* Charley? Are you still in there...?

it’s been a while.  poor Charley has been languishing on my hard drive, untouched and unloved, since, what?  september…?  late september.  maybe early october.  but i haven’t touched the poor dear since before the NaNoWriMo madness set in.  he’s been patient with me.  but now he’s starting to twitch.  poke.  niggle and pinch.  he wants out of the dusty hard drive and back onto the screen.  as usual, i’m not sure how much i am able to give him.  but i think maybe i’ll give him…

oops…spoilers, sweetie. 😉

well.  i’ve got an idea or two in the works.  a new character that might shake things up.  the narrative had, i admit, begun to stale a little.  but hopefully, this new character will take the plot somewhere new, add more action, and…  well – we’ll see.

i’ve been away for such a long time, i want to do him justice.  but thoughts like that allow The Fear to gain a toe-hold…

“…i must not fear. fear is the mind-killer…” (bonus points for naming the film/book 😉 )

…but first, i have to get the feel of the story back.  and for that?  i have to go back and read what i’ve written so far. (*groan* don’t WANNA!  not again! 😦 )  it’s not writing, i know, and it will feel like a chore.  but i think it’s necessary, and it’s a start.