add purple hair and loads of random oddities, and this is me - hard at work

i’m getting there.  i’m reading Charley, and really enjoying it.  i’m beginning to remember the voice i was writing in.  i’m making myself smile and think, “hey – this is pretty good, actually”, and then remembering that soon, it will stop, and become blank, and i will have to fill the next bit in.  i keep coming across little details that i had forgotten, but really like.  and the new character is starting to wriggle a bit.

…i need a good storm… *reaches for lightning conductor* *stares despondently at crystal-clear sky*


anyway, today was A Good Day.  nothing spectacular happened, other than considerably lightening the bank balance, but it was for a good reason.  a fulfilling reason.

DSD (darling stepdaughter) has just landed an “apprenticeship” (really a job as office junior with some college time thrown in), and starts on Monday.  yesterday afternoon, i had a sudden thought.  and the following text exchange:

S: do you need any clothes for the office?

S: ‘coz, y’know, if you do, i could meet you in town tomorrow, or something… x

DSD: well i’ve got a pair of trousers, a skirt, white shirt, white polo shirt, cardigan and jumper…

DSD: but i could do with some more if that’s ok…

she’s eighteen.  she lives in jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and trainers or mahoosive boots.  hell, YES she needed some clothes!

so, after a hastily-arranged day off (love my job), that’s what i did for the first half of today.  i took DSD to Next, M&S, and H&M to get her kitted out.  it cost a fair few quid, but she has no money, and her mum is on benefits. we are not rich, by any means, but we are DINK.  it felt really good to be able to help her out.  to me, it means she will be starting her new job with a little emotional armour, so she can at least look the part.  i remember what it was like to start a job and be unsure what to wear, being nervous, wanting to make a good impression.  i got it wrong a few times, and it knocked my confidence.  this, at least, i can help her with, since i know the environment.  she’s not really used to formal environments.  to be honest, though, i have every confidence in her.  this girl kicks ass, let me tell you.  she’s got balls, and she doesn’t take crap.  and she’s got a brain in her head and doesn’t mind using it.

so anyway – we went shopping, we had lunch, we had a little time together.  it was really, really nice. 🙂

she had to go to Hereford this afternoon, though, so we parted after lunch (and after i’d bought a stupidly-expensive-but-very-nice lipstick), and i came home.  i had intended to get stuck into Charley, finish reading, and perhaps start planning the next bit of his story properly, preparatory to writing it tomorrow.  plans, however, have a way of going awry, do they not?

what actually happened was that Hubby sent me a picture of a carpet.

his boss has just bought a 127 acre farm in the wilds of North Derbyshire. eventually he will move in with his wife and young children, who will grow up with acres of space, freedom, and no neighbours.  that’s the plan, anyway.  the farmhouse needs a tiiiiny bit of work first, though.  by the sounds of it, it practically needs rebuilding from the ground up.  the farmer who B bought it from is in his 70s and, along with his equally elderly sister, was living in the kitchen and one other room.  today the farmer told hubby that his family have been farming there since the 1860s. clearly they have no family to leave it to, and both are too infirm to run the farm any more.  amazing, and poignant.

but back to the carpet.

since Hubby used to be a builder, B has H doing some work on the crumbling farmhouse. at the moment, this involves getting all of the old plaster off the walls – partly in preparation for replastering, partly to inspect the underlying fabric of the house.  the room H was working in today had very old, but perfectly serviceable carpet.  since we are desperately in need of a new carpet for our front room, and since this one was going to be burned, H asked B if we could have it.  which he said we could.

so now we have a carpet that needs laying.  it’s a big job, which we will be tackling tomorrow.  *looks around at cramped front room full of heavy/awkward furniture* …well… that ought to be fun…

so anyways, after i got home and measured the room to be sure that the carpet would be big enough, i fired up pooter to dive into Charley.  what actually happened was that i got an attack of the afternoon droopies.  i normally get these at work, and have to struggle through them whilst trying very, very hard not to fall asleep on my keyboard.  utter bloody misery.  however since i was at home, i went the Rosie route and, with a great deal of pleasure, gave in to a nice, long, delicious nap.  with the cat napping right alongside me.  Max and I kicked ass at napping this afternoon.  we were champs!

i had a crackingly bizarre afternoon-nap-dream too.  bonus! 😀