i went to see the dentist today.  i’ve been going to see the dental hygienist every three months for the last couple of years, as my teeth were getting more and more sensitive, and the tartar was building up far too much.  anyway, about six months ago, my dentist told me i have adult onset periodontitis and that, basically, my mouth is melting.  well okay – she didn’t quite put it like that, but that’s the impression i got.  the impression i didn‘t get, however, is quite how serious this is.  one of my front teeth has been loose for some time.  today, she showed me why.  see that image at the top, there?  see that black space next to the molar?


i have six of those.  and that’s besides the general all-around erosion.  she told me i have lost up to 60% of the supporting bone around my teeth.  and i will only lose more if i don’t do something about it, like, IMMEDIATELY.

holy shit.

but you know the thing that upset me the most?  in amongst all of that your-face-is-melting-yadda-yadda-yadda, she looked at me and, very baldly, said, “Stop smoking, or you will lose your teeth.”

shitfuck.  normally, this is something that healthcare professionals say as a matter of course and, i will be honest, i usually ignore them.  yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know smoking is bad for your health, blah blah blah *snore*. this time, i believe her.  completely.  she scared the living shit out of me, and also made me want to throw a massive tantrum.  dammit, i don’t WANT to give up!  i LIKE smoking!!! 😥

do you remember this post, from when hubby quit almost a year ago?  probably not, i’ll wager.  why would you?  it was just me worrying about hubby, and being stubborn about “not being able” to give up.  i graciously conceded that i wouldn’t smoke in the house (the very soul of generosity and self-sacrifice, right? >_< ).  i should have just sucked it up and stopped then.

well tough shit.  i guess i get to do it now instead, right?