…well, actually, you can’t at the moment, since the only photo that currently exists of the shiny is on my phone (which, despite almost a year of hard  use is still shiny *happyface* )

good evening, dear reader.

this evening’s post is brought to you courtesy of those charming chaps at Dell, following their cynical and shameless seduction of my poor, innocent, acquisitive heart.

yup.  Pooter is…well…not no more, but is being gracefully put out to pasture.  it will be wending its way towards Stepson, who will be attempting to train it back up to something approaching operating speed again.  he knows a man who knows a man… and i have a gorgeous, sexy new laptop!!!  😀

initially, i thought she was due to arrive tomorrow, and then realised i was a complete muppet, and had got the date horribly (yet happily) wrong, and it was going to arrive a day earlier than expected.  yay! 😀

i had been on tenterhooks all day, waiting for the phonecall from the front desk to say my new toy extremely important writing tool had arrived.  but the phone call never came!  in fact, i almost didn’t get her today at all, due to a mix-up with the delivery address (partly Dell’s fault, partly my fault).  however, following a mad dash to the local UPS depot at 7:30, here she is – all bright and shiny and new…

AND FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀  *giggle*

oh, yes – and my hair is currently in rags.  tomorrow, i will have a fairly spectacular semi-‘fro.  i may or may not tweet pictures.  it depends how much i want to frighten Twitter at 7 am… *grin*

…and i could really go for a cigarette right about now…

p.s. apologies for the incoherence of this post.  it has been blighted by Masterchef and the football.