Well, no – not really.   It’s just a week late, that’s all.
Srsly – there’s no way I could be pregnant, since the nice GP took care of that about 10 years ago (have I told you lately what a wonderful man Hubby is? He went through all that with the crochet hook and the pliers just for me, so I didn’t have to take the pill any more I *have* had a phantom period, though, which is odd. All the bloating, fatigue, ridiculously huge appetite, mood swings… But no bleeding and no cramps. Admittedly, some of that could or psychological, but still… So.  Next candidate for why I have not bled, yet have previously (until the last few months, at least) been as regular as the moon (28 days, nowaiting)?

Early. Menopause.

H’m. Icm not sure how I feel about this, if it’s even happening. Which, to be honest, it probably isn’t. I have absolutely no concrete evidence to base this on, either physically or genetically, other than the fact that I’m a bit of a drama queen and hypochondriac.

N.B. No idea if I spelled that right.