today was mostly spent being beaten up by my dental hygienist, or asleep.

i had to have a root planing (where the hygienist scrapes the roots of my teeth clear of deposits of…  stuff…). i had seven or eight injections to numb my upper jaw, and then she spent half an hour or so or so scrubbing and scraping at the roots of my teeth.  there was lots of blood and, despite the anaesthetic, a fair bit of pain.  fortunately, it was mostly the itchy/scratchy kind, rather than the nerve kind, so more or less bearable (have i mentioned what a wuss i am about pain?).  this, however, did not stop the tears periodically leaking from my eyes, nor great waves of adrenaline washing through my body.

by the time it was finished, i was shaky and only semi-coherent.  partly due to the numbness of my upper mouth, partly due to the partial disconnection of my brain from reality.

i had to call in sick.

it took three hours of sleep, and bananas in blueberry custard, to get me feeling anything like human again.

i imagine that i shall now be obsessively cleaning my teeth when any kind of solid food passes my lips.

the notsmoking’s getting much easier, though…