bright, white teeth shining down from above.  yellow feathers drawn slowly across the dips and whorls of a quiet body.  soft, gentle breath sighing in the rustling, sunshine silence of a summer afternoon. tiny sounds barely register among the gentle rustle of breeze in leaves.  the bend of a back, the quirk of a brow and a mouth, tiny silences speaking louder than words of deep, abiding intimacy.  a sigh and slide, a tiny gasp.  the widening of eyes, the grit and release of worried but trusting teeth as the intimacy deepens further.  a grunt, a whimper, rhythmic silence breaking into isolated sounds of joning.  squeaks and purrs join the gentle rush of air from side to side.  tiny muscles contracting, lifting, hot and cold shivers shuddeering across sheened and flushed skin.  marks, red and white striping across the flush, evidence of connection, trepidation, pleasure, and triumph, as a duet of alto and baritone weaves through shafts of sinlight and shade.