exhausted Squeaky is exhausted

Dear reader, I pretty much fail.
The 15 minute writes are not happening as they should.  However, in my defence, this s mainly down to exhaustion. It is April. The  last time I had a break from work was December. And boy, am I feeling it. Especially after the Epic Training Session Of Doom yesterday. The content was extremely complex, and the impact it will have on myself and my colleagues is enormous. That,
along with a general rise in work pressure and a little stress at home (nothing vast, but it all adds up) and lack of a proper break means I’m pretty much mentally exhausted this week. It’s funny, but up until the beginning of last week, I was more-or-less keeping it together. Now? Not so much. But then I have next week off. It’s like my subconscious just let go of the ropes a week too early or something. Anyway – after the initial burst at the beginning of the month, my well is pretty much dry in the evenings. I am officially giving myself a break until Saturday. I refuse to beat myself up over it. Something has to give and, just now, it’s writing.