christ, i’m flaky.

yep – still failing at the 15 minutes.  however, this week i have an excuse a good reason.  we are finally off work for a week but, due to a particularly irksome set of circumstances, instead of going to Norfolk or Newborough or wherever, we are decorating.  the bathroom, our bedroom and the kitchen are badly in need of a little (a lot) spit-and-polish, so we are spitting and polishing our little hearts out this week.  and drinking in the evenings.  to clear the paint-fumes, of course…

*refills glass*

so, the bathroom and our bedroom are mostly sorted now, but the kitchen…? *groan* the kitchen is proving to be troublesome.  it is the largest room in the house, and the most awkward in terms of shape, woodwork, and moving-stuff-about.  oh, yeah, and we realised today that we had picked the wrong colour for the top half of the room.  the colour scheme is supposed to be peach-and-blueberry (look, don’t laugh – it seemed like a good idea at the time, all right?), but the colour on the wall appears to be less peach than pink.  but not just pink.  oh, no.  PINK!!!


there will be before-and-after pics forthcoming soon, but it turns out instagram is a bitch, and will *not* let me copy or link to MY OWN FECKING PHOTOS.  ahem.