once upon a time, many moons ago, we had to move house in a hurry.  the house we moved to was the one we live in to this day.  the reasons we chose this particular house pretty much boiled down to this:

it’s all we can afford, we can rent it until we can save up the deposit to buy it, we know the area, and the kitchen floor is tiled in quarry tiles.

that’s it.  the house was built in 1906.  it’s old, it’s knackered, it’s full of dust and spiders (mainly because it’s old and knackered), and i can assure you that there is not one single right-angled corner or parallel line in the entire building (we live in an area that had extensive coalmines, so subsidence is a fact of life here).  it’s very small, and annoyingly badly laid out (all the doors are in the wrong places), it shakes when a lorry goes past, and we’re constantly falling over stuff.  oh, and bits of it get damp if you’re not careful with furniture placement and ventilation. …and yet…

it’s a friendly little place, and i’ve grown very, very fond of it, over the years we’ve lived here.  i honestly doubt that i will ever live anywhere else (until i lose my marbles and get consigned to a nursing home. but by that time, i probably won’t notice anyway).  my sister-in-law once described our decorating style as “bohemian” (i think what she actually meant was “a bit haphazard and hippyish” XD ).

the previous paragraphs were brought to you by:

“This week, we’ve been decorating, and planning the next round of home improvements, which will probably involve beating the crap out of the kitchen. again.”

part of the reason i love living here is that, over the years, it’s kinda evolved to be like living inside a rainbow. we both love bright colours, and hubby’s not only very handy (ex-builder), but als very artistic (in the following photos, he is responsible for pretty much all of the art you will see on our walls).

as promised earlier in the week, then, here’s a few before-and-after and one or two just-for-the-hell-of-it-because-i-love-our-interior-decor pics…


shower re-tiled


front room (next for re-painting, but not yet, and it's staying orange)

the spare room (AKA The Library)


never realised quite how many fingermarks there were on the bedroom wall! *shame*

our bedroom, during...


bedroom finished

...and after...


...kinda had to replace the light fitting, too...

kitchen before (the top picture was a present, the bottom one was painted by my step-daughter)


kitchen during


kitchen after (note the the-aliens-have-landed lightshade!)

the kitchen in particular is heavenly to walk into, and i lovelovelove it.

sorry this has been a little overly picturey, but i just couldn’t resist. 🙂