Abbi said it all with far more concise eloquence than I ever could. To every single word of the following post, I give a resounding “YES!!!”


Earlier this week I received a letter from my local MP (on embossed paper about an inch thick… if you were wondering how the government is spending your taxes) to tell me she had received my email about the legalisation of gay marriage and was watching the consultation taking place on this issue. I suppose I should be grateful that she took the time to read my email and actually signed it herself… no stamp or computer print here… but it kind of got me wondering.

Why are we having a consultation on this in the first place?

What possible reason could there be for not allowing two consenting adults from entering into a legal contract with each other? And what logical reason could there be for making name of the contract different depending on whether these consenting adults are a man and a woman or of the same sex?

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