after what happened on Tuesday, we are now Looking To The Future, and Making Plans.

remember the photo that headed the post?

believe it or not, we used to have a lovely, fairly low-maintenance garden. there was grass, there were flowers, there were visible edges.  then chickens happened.  they ate most of the lawn, and then trampled what was left into the mud.  everything else–except nettles–got scratched or eaten into oblivion.  on the upside, they kept down all sorts of pernicious pests; slugs, snails, centipedes – all fell under the onslaught of claw, beak, and killer instinct.  the downside of this, of course, is that there were no pretty plants to keep the pests away from.  we’ve kept chickens for five years, now, and i think we’ve got a pretty reasonable handle on them, as far as keeping them as livestock/pets goes.  we will be getting some more in the future, but first:

Operation Reclaim the Garden!

we have plans.  ooooh, yes – we haz plans, my precioussss….  this weekend, we spent both days on phase one of the operation.  i spent eight hours digging, weeding, hoeing, raking and tidying.  hubby spent somewhat longer trimming the monstrous hedge and trees, knocking down the Astronomy Pillar (a permanent mounting for Hubby’s telescope which, whilst it never really worked as intended, was constructed by Hubby and therefore solid as theHimalayas – it took a while to demolish), and digging, weeding and seeding the lawn-to-be.  half of the garden will be given over to the chooks, and half will be ours once again.  we will have about a third of the lawn space, the patio, and the yard.  we will also have two wildflower mini-meadows, and a row of herbs in pots in the sunniest spot in the garden.  the herbs will be more for their smell and bee attracting powers than actual culinary use.  there will be sage, mint, thyme, lavender and rosemary (no parsley, though 😉 ).  the meadows and herbs will be my responsibility, the grass and maintenance of the chickens’ patch will be Hubby’s.

i have been taking before-and-after photos not only to blog, but to remind us of how much we have achieved.  the garden was a bombsite when we first moved in and, i’m sad to say, it kinda got a little that way again over the last couple of years.  but now we will be sorting it out properly before getting any more chooks.

oh, and i’m thrilled to report that at the ripe old age of thirty-five, i am now the proud owner of my very! first! ever! pair of wellyboots!  seriously – i can’t tell you how happy this makes me. *beams*

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