i am an extremely untidy person.  even if things start out tidy, they often descend into chaos.  i can’t help it.  despite numerous attempts to change my ways, it always ends in failure.  jeezy-creezy, you should see the state of my house, man – how the buggery fuck (new favourite expression, BTW) poor Hubby puts up with the mess, i have no idea.  anyway, i’m getting off topic.  the piont of this is, my mind has become a bombsite, and it is the root of my current unproductivity.  there is no more room in there for creativity.  there is no more room in there for reading.  there is just this giant tangle of shite that can’t push anything out as it’s all jammed together.

i need to sort my shit out and try and impose some order on my creative output.

and creative output includes things like consumption of media – most notably, books.  this realisation, as is the case with surprisingly many things, it’s Rosie‘s fault.

incidentally, on a recent and utterly delightful/all-too-short visit, it finally sank in that i appear to be one of the very few people (if not the only person) that address her as Rosie.  everyone else – including herself – seem to refer to and address her as Rosanna.  i now feel a little odd, but i’m sorry, my dear (and i know you’ll read this eventually, hon 😉 you are now, and always will be, Rosie to me – despite how lovely your full name is.

so due to the chaos in my brain, my inbox is out of control, and only now am i catching up on stuff that dropped in there before we went trotting off around the Isle Of Purbeck, last week.  today, i read this post by the aforementioned Rosie, which is a really quite excellent book review.  it made me add yet another book to my to-read pile.  it’s not getting any bloody smaller, let me tell you.  it made me realise that i have to – have to – sort my shit out before i’m completely paralysed.  goddamit, my muse is atrophying, here!

so…  what to do?

what, indeed?

…to be continued…