It’s far too early on a Monday morning, so plz to forgive this random brain dump.  Things that have happened in the last few days (all pretty dull unless you’re me):

1) I haz new phone. Galaxy S II running ICS (stands for Ice Cream Sandwich, that’s the latest version of the Android operating system for anyone who hasn’t spent the last week pouring over techy gadget reviews squeeing with delight.) I have to say – I heard it was pretty sexy,  and I have not been disappointed so far. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t have a torch, like my old HTC Desire (also a brilliant phone, BTW) that is. Well… i guess you can’t have everything…
2) I haz new hair. The idea was to dye it pink. Always wanted shocking pink hair, never had the balls to do it. I know – chicken, right?  Well since it’s been quite a dark purple for several years now, and my natural colour is pretty dark these days anyway (apart from the grey, that is…), so it needed lightning. Cue unexpected but entertaining results, since the inch of regrowth  had no dye whatsoever, my hair now resembles a sunset: shading from almost white blonde at the roots to copper at the midlengths and ends:


…I kinda like it, actually. Now I’m torn over whether to dye it pink when the roots show, or just keep bleaching it for a while…

3) Finally admitted to myself that I have to re-learn how not to spend money. I’ve become a bit of a spendthrift over the last two or three years, and it’s getting a bit annoying, now. :-\ Just little bits and bobs here and there, but it all adds up, right…?