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good sgternoon, m’dears.  this is likiliu inco,prehensiblw, as i a, typint with my eyes closed. there’s a treaspm gpr tjos. o [rp,ose.

in translation:  good aftenoon, m’dears.  this is likeley incomprehensible, as i am typing with my eyes closed. there’s a reason for this, i promise.

and, yep – it was, indeed, incomprehensible.  i was attempting to touch type.  all right – i may have peeked once or twice.  but here’s the thing:  nanowrimo is coming, and i thought i might write faster if i could touch-type.  long, long ago, i started using a touch-typing tutorial programme (at an adult education centre), but i ended up getting a job, and i didn’t have a computer at the time, so i didn’t continue.  and then, probably nearly a year ago, i bought the same programme, but it didn’t work on my then-computer.  now it does, but i never seem to have got round to actually committing to it.

und so:

this programme promises that if i practice for 15 minutes per day for two weeks, my typing speed will improve by 25%.  so – if i practice from now until the start of NaNoWrimo, it should improve by 62.5%, yes?  yeah, ok – probably not.  but if i practice every day…?  it might help.  but only if i practce every day.  and with a proper keyboard (my laptop keyboard’s useless for a beginner touch typist – far too subtle. also, i might have to forgo painting my nails for the month and…cut them!   argh!  0_0  long nails just make too many typos and during november, energy is at a premium.  so – off with the nails.

the other problem is to actually remember to do the practice – or actually  being arsed to do the practice.  maybe i’ll get hubby tio bully me unti it’s automatic…?

i’ll let you know…