so i immediately forgot the touchtyping practice.  of course!  but to ber fair, i was utterly exhausted after work on Tueesday, and hubby was pretty much hogging pooter all night, looking up Anglo-Norman given names and looking at archery porn.  don’t ask.

related:  does anyone want to buy a telescope…?


yesterday, i spent a lovely day indulging in a little retail therapy, a little pampering, and a little lunch-and-a-film with my best friend who i don’t see nearly enough, despite he fact that we only live ten minutes walk from each other. #fail  following that, i had to rush straight to my Italian class (which i also need to revise – all those new woooorrrrdddsss!!!! >_<) and by the time i got home there was barely time for a sandwich and a cuppa before bed.

however, i will do half an hour’s practice today (when i’ve finished writing this!) (and grabbed a fresh cuppa, natch) and then move on to editing Martha’s Gift.  i would like to thank the lovely Lily, who dropped me some great feedback this morning, and has spurred me on to do more! more!! more!!!  i shall attempt to fix the holes she pointed out, and then will hopefully be able to edit another chapter or two.

or i might just do some Italian revision…

p.s for anyone interested, here’s the trailer for the film we watched:

go seek it out – it’s wonderful.