hello, darling.

i know you’re getting a little antsy (or, at least, you were the other night), so i just thought i’d share with you (and anyone else who can be arsed to read this), just exactly what i’ve got to go into NaNoWriMo with.  in my little purple notebook wot goes everywhere with me, i have a list.  it looks like this:

knife throwing


Astrid Toseland


Bell curve

music and language

Jessie DiMarco


style journalist

smartarse kids


living in a box with a dog named Pip

earth explosions from the underpass


hot air balloons

this is just a list of things that popped into my head at various points in the last two or three months that produced a small shower of sparks.  as NaNoWriMo draws nearer, i will be more alert for random little titbits like this, collecting them as i go.  they may or may not make their way into this year’s effort, but that remains to be seen.  i’m one of life’s pantsers and, for me, that’s part of the November fun.  going in with next to nothing other than a few titbits, and seeing what story develops. this will be my fifth time in a row, and i’m really looking forward to it, this year.  that probably means the novel i write will turn out a bunch of crap (which is also fine – two out of my four-so-far have been pretty crappy, too), but we’ll see. 😉

there are only a few rules i adhere to:

1} don’t plot at all beforehand, and try not to plot too far ahead during the writing.

the reason for this is that i know from experience that the more i plot, the more likely i am to kill the story stone dead.  it’s like pinning a butterfly to a board.  this, however, is just me – i know many need to plot the whole thing. (and very much enjoy doing so).  i find i enjoy being surprised by where the story takes me.

2} write your magna cartas.

this is an incredibly useful idea i unashamedly stole from the guy who started all this in the first place, Chris Baty.  he suggested writing two lists.  one of all of the things you love to read about, and one of all the things that make you want to fall asleep or throw the book at the wall/hide it in the freezer.  put as many of the things on the first list into your writing as you can, and if you get anywhere near putting anything from the second list in – even just a hint – KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!
this leads me on to the third rule:

3} write the book that you want to read. 

if you’re enjoying it, it’s guaranteed that someone else, somewhere else, will too.  also, if a book is boring the crap out of you, why would you inflict it on anyone else?

4} if in doubt, BLOW SHIT UP!!!  seriously.  ask @MrsMarmiteFace.  😉  alternatively, The Travelling Shovel Of Death is your friend…

that’s pretty much it, really,  if you need any help/advice/prompts/pompoms/whatever, you know where i am.  i’m generally online most nights in November, tapping away at the kitchen table – always up for a word race or two. 🙂

big love