good evening, dear reader.  this post is brought to you by my still shaky but improving touch typing.

as is traditional, this sentence is being typed with my eyes shut and no corrections,

and that was slow, but pretty much nob-on, no?  🙂  i’m actually trying to be a little careful with this, since i’m still waiting for my nail polish to dry.  as per usual.

*stops to ezamine the damage*  hmmm…

characters i am having most trouble with today (or possibly oggi, for any italians out there…) appear to be x, z, the comma, and full stop.  also, i’m typing for no more than fifteen minutes, as it still hurts my wrists and forearms.  it’s the unaccustomed teenyweeny movements, i think – not used to exercising such tight control over my normally somewhat excitable hands.  also, i occasionally…….

that, by the way, was 137 words in 15 minutes.  that’s 9 words per minute.  erm…  i may need a little more practice.  hubby says i could do better with my arse.

…….peep at what i’m diong.  but i feel myself getting much better.  i feel more confident.  i don’t think i’ll be ready for NaNoWriMo, but you never know…


in other news, i became a step-grandmother for the second time, today.  as you may guess by the fact that this is the second item on this post, not the first, i find myself somewhat ambivelant about this event.  i will not be billing and cooing as society seems to expect that grandmothers should, as even babies have personalities.  i have yet to meet the newest addition to the seemingly endless parade of males in this family (seriously – it’s like there’s a bloke gene running through hubby’s lot – they’re all boys!  well – apart from stepdaughter, of course.  but i digress), so i don’t know how well we’ll get on.  i feel sorry for his poor mother.  ladies who have borne babies, look away now.

nine pounds eleven!!!  the kid’s part elephant, i swear!!!

ahem.  i am not now, nor do i think i will ever be, the sort to go broody or fuss over tiny children.  i refuse to feel cowed into shame by this societal expectation that as a woman i should.  to this, i say, Fuck you, society.  babies are embryonic people, just like the rest of us.  i have met individual babies who were rather ace.  i have met individual babies who were dull.  but that is what they were – individuals.  we met, we interacted.  or not.   we got on well.  or not.  so i shall be happy that step-daughter-in-law and the newest clan member are apparrently happy and healthy (she texted me a few moments ago to report that he had already thrown up on her “the fun has begun already”  – i asked if the “he” referred to was my stepson, which she found amusing, since she and i both knew it was not an entirely jesting question ;).  but i shall not be cock-a-hoop and rushing to mothercare to but the entire stock of fluffiez and cute widdul outfits…  i’lll leave that to the other grandmother (and occasionally stepdaughter).