well hillooooo, dear reader!  more typing preactice ahoy!  alsom since i’m on my third cery large vodka and pineapple of the evening, there may be4 some… er… iiiineresting typos.  i am not, however, completely pished.  which, fronklyy, is why this is still legible.  ish.

aaanywho, as i was in the shower this afternoon, i had a flash.  of inspiration, that is.  “i’ll do a review!  :D”, i thought.  “wheee!”  well, what i mainlyu want to do is to tell the world how ace Aussie Three Minute Miracle conditioner is.  anyone who follows my instagram (or even this blog…?  can’t remember if i posted about it or not…) may be aware that i have recently takem tp dueomg ,u jaot. (whoops – closed my eyes, and my fingers were in the wrong place… 😛  )

… i have recently taken to dyeing my hair (that’s better!  had my eyes closed that time too! skillz!)… or bleaching it is actually more accurate.  originallym, i was going to dye it pink, too.  that’s still on the agenda. but somewhat down the line.  but bleaching…bleaching…  it’s horrid, and i hate it!  it turns one’s hair to straw.  straw, i tell you!  awful!  i was so proud of my lovely silky hair.  i tried several conditioners.  most were…  ok.  there was still a strawlike quality with even my beloved Lush Retread – it just wasn’t quite up to the job.  however…  along came the Aussie.

i’ve heard great things about the Aussie brand over the years, but i never really got around to trying it, since i’m a complete Lush addict.  however, as my Nana used to say, “Vanity, thy name is Toni”.  it’s true. i admit it.  i am a vain creature, and dhese days, i only really have my hair to be vain about (cue violins),  so i was desperate, and willing to try anything.  3MM was reccommended to me by a colleague, whose sister had reportedly had near-miraculous results.  dear reader, i can report that she wasn’t fibbing!  in just one application of this (frankly slimy-feeling, gunky) stuff, my hair was pretty much back to its old silky and recalcitrant self. (n.b. i’ve always taken a sort of perverse – if somewhat annoyed – pride in the fact that my hair would do practically anything other than what i wanted it to…)  and it only needed one application, too!  so i could go back to smelling of violets with my lovely Lushy stuff.  it wasn’t a fluke, either.  it did the exact same job today, too, after i bleached my roots (well…  i sy “I”.  actually, it was Hubby, bless his cotton socks!).  the only thing i will say goes against this stuff is that (as they do several different types of 3MM), the one reccommended for my particular issue…  well, frankly, it smelled like a chemical toilet.  sweet, sickly, artificial, and pretty bloody awful.  the one i used in the end (designed to intensively condidtion long hair) smelled better, but was still so strong that it made hubby sneeze when he hugged me.

verdict: miraculous indeed, but somewhat sneezy.  use sparingly, when your hair needs some TLC.