Good morning, Dear reader. Today, we will be going to visit my newest step-grandson. This, along with the fact that I will be 36 in less than two weeks ‘ time has left me feeling my age a bit. I know, I know, 36 is a comparative whippersnapper but that doesn’t help me to feel any less old. Especially when last night’s weird dreaming was all about being late for work, missing busses, and grocery shopping. :-\ Therefore, this:


…just to prove to myself that I’m  not *quite* ready for the scrapheap. It’s amazing what a bit of eyeliner and a soft focus filter can do for one’s self esteem. 😉

In other news, what I neglected to mention during my tiddly ramblings last night was that on Friday evening, we had the very great pleasure of going to the theatre once again. This time we got to see Macbeth. I just want to take a moment here to give a shoutout to The Derby Shakespeare Company. They absolutely Kicked. Its. Ass. An all amateur company, they made an absolutely fantastic job of a play that I’ve  never been keen on seeing, but went to simply because we seem to have been bitten by the Shakespeare bug. Boy, are we glad we went! Special mention has got to go to the Wyrd Sisters, who were fabulously batshit through the entire production. Some of the supporting cast were a bit ropey in places, but I didn’t mind that at all. Especially since Lord and Lady Mac were such aces. Macduff, too, had me nearly in tears at one point – not something I had expected at all.
My favourite scene by a long way (barring anything involving just the sisters) had to be the ghost at the feast. Staged both before and after the interval, the pre- contained Banquo and the girls hanging around being symbolic. In the post-, it was exactly the same, but without the supernatural elements, so it was just Lord Mac going very publicly mad. Awesome. 😀 The whole thing was exciting and engaging, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
I cannot wait until these guys put on another production – I’ll be there like a shot! 😀