I love getting my nails done. I really do.  It’s the only time I ever, ever get pampered by someone else. But I really, really wish they wouldn’t cut them down so! I like having longer nails! Not very practical,  I know. But so much more fun and inspiring to paint! FFS, I just spent a month growing these. When I say “Don’t take anything off the length,” I MEAN IT!!!  My regular lady is on holiday this week, too (how very dare she!), so I was with somebody else. And… and… she did a good enough job, but she took even MORE off the length! And it just wasn’t the same anyway. And, waaah! Waaah!
Jesus christ – can you till my period’s due?!
Ugh! Not sure if I want to write tonight. The way I feel just now, all I want to-do is sit in a corner and bawl my fucking eyes out. But I must! I have to! I only have six days left! (I would have seven, but Tuesday writing is impossible due to Italian class. Which I have yet to complete the homework for, nor any notion that I will.) I have just over 13k words left to write, and not the faintest notion of How the story will end.
No change there, then.