First thing on a wednesday morning. Dazed and sleepy. Just marking time, really.
Passed my one-month  anniversary of stopping smoking a couple of weeks ago.  It passed with little fanfare, but it passed.  I still miss it, sometimes; not Very often, though. Maybe once a month.  Related to that, I seem to have somehow managed to lose eight or nine pounds (our bathroom scales are somewhat inexact) since the first Monday in December ; mainly through cutting out the once-a-week fish and chip supper and most of the snacking, it seems. The exercise has been a bit hit-and-miss, if i’m honest, but at least it’s happening. Sometimes.
Back at the beginning of the month, we had our 17 year anniversary.
That’s such a long time. Where does it all go?! We haven’t exchanged gifts as a matter of course for years, but this year I bought him a coat that’s so thick it almost wears *him*, for standing around in cold fields whilst he waits for his turn to shoot arrows at a target. More on that later.
He bought me an e-reader. For quite some time, I have hardly been reading at al. There were various reasons, but one is that much concentration was shot to hell by giving up smoking. The effect was subtle, but strong. Now I seem to have left that mostly behind, I’ve started reading again. The reader has been a great help in that department. .still getting used to it, but it’s coming. Slowly. I’m hoping that, as reading and writing are inextricably linked in my brainweird, I may start doing a little more writing, this year. I hope.