Gawd, I fucking love this woman! *eats another sandwich*

The Order of Turbulence

I actually hate the abundance of cute little words to describe overweightness: plump, rounded, curvy, roly-poly, rubenesque, generous, BBW, padded, comfortable, chunky…adipose-enhanced? I despise them all. Having too many words for something is always a good clue that it’s a socially uncomfortable reality we don’t want to deal with.

And by ‘deal’ with, I don’t mean get thinner. I have no intention of getting any thinner.  I figure staying fat is one of the few revolutionary acts I can get away with anymore.  It’s the one concrete way I can respond to a monstrous and immensely profitable economic structure which is hell bent on making me feel bad about my body. Admittedly, I am not morbidly obese. I’m not in any danger of developing diabetes, or over-taxing my heart. I can sprint up stairs when I need to, and run for the bus (albeit with a bit more jiggle than…

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